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Creating a Sustainable Water Future

Reduce water consumption, meet sustainability targets and lower costs


Are you ready for a retail water market? Watch our '2017 Take Action' video before answering that question.


Using less water, lowering water bills and being more socially responsible are some of the key benefits commercial water users experience by adopting Waterscan’s professional approach to water management.  Developing a strategic approach helps safeguard an organisation’s sustainable water future; addressing potential risks and setting reduction targets.


Waterscan’s services require minimal investment risk or resource input from your business; with our solutions supporting large and small organisations across a range of industries for over 20 years.  This experience has enabled Waterscan to develop its water management expertise of identifying water saving opportunities and utilising unrivalled technologies that improve water efficiency and reduce cost for our clients.


Waterscan is certified to both ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standards.  Following these standards ensure our efforts are focussed on delivering consistent, high quality products and services to customers every time in an environmentally sustainable way.



Historical Audit

Waterscan offer a no-obligation historical audit for all new clients


Engineering service for water management systems

Automated Meter Reading

Key component of effective water management

Water Audit

A vital component of any intelligent water management programme 

Greywater Recycling

The most innovative system you'll find on the market

Rainwater Harvesting

Save money and protect the environment

Water Strategy

A comprehensive water management solution


The leading online water management system, exclusive to Waterscan

The Water Geek

Post a question to our resident water expert.